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Use Priceline Coupons and Enjoy Your First Luau

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What is a Luau? A Brief History of Hawaii’s Most Famous Celebration

Celebrations consisting of great feasts date back to before recorded history in both Polynesian and Hawaiian culture. But until 1819, there were certain restrictive rules that governed these feasts. Men and women had to stay segregated at them, for example. And the commoners were not allowed to enjoy certain foods, such as bananas and pork.

The feast held by King Kamehameha in 1819 is special because it banished these divisive practices. “Luau” was the name of one of the most popular dishes served at these feasts. Specifically, it was the name of a leaf that was mixed with meat and coconut milk. This dish became so popular that the name “luau” came to encompass the feast as a whole over time.

While the luau continued to be a feast that even the common people could enjoy, for the royalty it evolved into a display of wealth. Each succeeding king attempted to outdo not just the king before him, but his own previous luaus in terms of the amount of food served and participants in attendance.

Hawaii became an American territory in 1898, and its culture began capturing the imagination of the country almost immediately, thanks largely to Jack London’s visits and subsequent stories about them. The luau would not become familiar to most Americans until the Tiki culture craze took hold in the late 1930s, however, and would be further fuelled by increased popular exposure to the culture during the course of World War II.

As the luau became popularized in broader American culture, it came to take on an equally broad meaning. Many American luaus, even some held in Hawaii, are really nothing more than a standard party with some surface Polynesian elements thrown in. However, traditional luaus are still practiced throughout Hawaii.

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Will Coupon Codes Help You Live Longer?

How Couponing and Financial Planning Can Lead to Better Health.

Need another reason to take your finances seriously? As it turns out, getting your financial health in order can help you get your actual health in order.

holiday inn express coupons - financial planningCouponing Can Lead To More Financial Freedom.

If you continually collect coupon codes for your next Holiday Inn hotel stay, you may think that it’s an obsessive-compulsive behavior that will leave with lots of anxiety. On the flip side of that is the fact that, after making financial purchases with coupons, you’ll end up with more money at the end of the day. And having that security can reduce stress levels…leading to longer life.

Financial Planning May Help You Live Better and Longer

Financial planning is a double-edged protective sword. When you live a long life, you definitely need savings and investments that will keep you comfortable well throughout your retirement years. Having the right kind of financial planning will also relieve stress, a primary cause of many mental and physical health problems. A good financial plan can make all aspects of your life better, particularly if you begin when you are young.

Who Me Worry?

When you are in your twenties and thirties, planning for your retirement sounds like a good idea, but you have so many expenses. You may have student loans as well as be saving to buy a house. Also, many people are starting families. These activities are expensive, leaving you with little disposable income. A reputable financial advisor can help guide you through these pressures and show you how to save and invest even on a limited income.

You should not look at financial planning as optional.  It is a necessity in the same way that good medical care is a requirement. Your financial health not only affects you but also your family members. Although the death rate is relatively low for those under age 40, thousands of people do die young every year, some leaving behind young children and young spouses. Good financial planning protects them in case your life is cut short.

Stress Results

Money stress is pervasive in the United States, and it can adversely affect your mental state. Stress has long been known to contribute to depression and anxiety. Stress is also hard on your body, often causing digestive problems and cardiac issues. If you go into retirement unprepared, stress will take its toll on your health and possibly your longevity. Sitting down with a financial planner when you are young can reduce stress throughout the course of your life, upping your chances for a long and healthy retirement when the time comes. You will also be prepared for the unpleasant events that may occur, including unexpected illnesses and even natural disasters. Solid financial planning will protect you from the literal and figurative storms that you will face.

No matter what your age, setting up an appointment with a financial planner makes good sense. Of course, the sooner you start following a savings and investment plan, the more comfortable your retirement will be. Also, you can protect your partner, your children, and your health. Financial stress can harm you in so many ways. Getting it under control early is the best path to a more enjoyable life.





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How Coupon Codes Improve Your Life and Easy Credit Cards Destroy It.

Using Coupon Codes For Amazon Are Just…The Smart Thing To Do.

coupon code

When most people think of couponing or using a coupon code to save money on their purchases with being strapped for cash. People with big families, fixed incomes or the recently employed are the sub-groups of people that come to mind. Well, what if we told you that the use of a coupon code can be a valuable tool that every person should have, and that they can enhance your life? For example if you run a website and your domain name and hosting renews, make sure you don’t pay full price by finding a promo code.

amazon coupon codesTake for example the coupon codes we found here. Everyone uses for their purchases. But a simple and quick search for promo codes will take you to a page like this where you can save 40% off your purchases. If you don’t perform this search each time you buy something, then you will pay about 40% more for your goods. What sense does that make? Now you have more income for activities that you’re passionate about: movies, restaurants, buying more things from Amazon….whatever floats your boat.

How Savvy Shoppers can Live Better While Spending Less

Many consumers feel the pinch of stagnant wages and an increasing cost of living. A lot of people have either cut back on their shopping, or worse yet, taken on credit card debt. The good news for budget-minded consumers is that there are other options. Savvy shoppers can learn how to buy quality products while spending less. 

easy credit cards - credit card sir

You should probably avoid offers that look like this…

First Tip: Stay Away From ‘Easy Credit Cards’.

If you’re having trouble with your credit rating, there are so-called ‘easy credit cards’, which come with low credit limits. But these can charge an extreme amount of interest. Some are actually good, and to see which ones can help you, try out this list from Credit Card Sir – easy credit cards. But these cards can be traps that are nearly impossible to get out of. So remember: coupon codes = good, and bad credit cards = dangerous.

Brand Names Can Be Part of Your Shopping List With Coupon Codes

A lot of consumers want to buy name brand products for their households because they perceive top brands as high-quality. However, many people don’t realize that you can find cheaper products, without sacrificing quality. In fact, store label products are usually the same as name brand products. For example, Great Value is WalMart’s store label. Great Value products are the same thing as their higher-priced, brand name competitors. Often times the brand name product and the store label product come from the same factory. Many other retailers offer discount and store label brands as well. Therefore, consumers should definitely consider buying discount and store label brands over the more expensive name brands.

End of Season Sales Can Save You a Ton of Money

Another way for savvy shoppers to save money is to buy merchandise on sale at the end of a season. Stores are often unable to sell all of their merchandise before the season ends, so they put this leftover inventory on clearance. Most clearance items are heavily discounted. For example, you can often find winter coats on sale right before spring, just like you can usually find discounted summer clothes in the fall. Some of the large department stores will offer items on sale for less than half their original price. Therefore, bargain hunters willing to store items until they need to use them can often find really good deals on seasonal closeout sales.

Discount Stores and Outlet Malls

Shopping at discount stores and outlet malls can save you money, too. Discount retail chains like Gordmans, Kohl’s, Marshalls, Ross and TJ Max sell merchandise that is sometimes less than half what you would pay in a department store. You can search Google for discount retailers in your area. Factory outlet malls can also be a good place to rack up savings on your favorite designer brands. When shopping in outlet stores, it pays to do your research so you can find out when their bigger sales events are. Usually, there are big sales around the start of school and after major holidays. Those are good times to look for bargains.

Wholesale Stores

Finally, you can find quality items at wholesale stores. Wholesale stores usually sell factory overstock and department store closeout merchandise. A lot of shoppers can find huge bargains on top-of-the-line products. Sometimes you can get new consumer electronics and appliances that are heavily discounted. Just be sure to check over the item first. The thing about shopping at wholesale stores is that most are in large warehouses. A lot of the merchandise is not as organized as a traditional retail store either. This means you will probably have to spend more time shopping.

In short, you don’t have to decide between price and quality when shopping. Before you buy a name brand item, check to see if the same thing is available as a cheaper store label. Be sure to take advantage of seasonal sales too. Research off-price stores for merchandise that is less expensive than department stores. Sometimes being willing to spend more time shopping at a wholesale store can save you even more.