The Anti-Budget Basics, and How Coupon Codes Work With It

There are hundreds of articles out there on how to put together a budget, and there are a multitude of apps you can get to help you track them. So many people have weighed in on that subject I don’t feel like I really have anything further to add to that conversation. But have you heard of an anti-budget? And where do coupon codes fit into that?

What is an Anti-Budget?

Well, it’s not blowing …

Will Coupon Codes Help You Live Longer?

How Couponing and Financial Planning Can Lead to Better Health.

Need another reason to take your finances seriously? As it turns out, getting your financial health in order can help you get your actual health in order.

holiday inn express coupons - financial planningCouponing Can Lead To More Financial Freedom.

If you continually collect coupon codes for your home and garden furniture deals, you may think that it’s an obsessive-compulsive behavior that will leave with lots of anxiety. On the flip …

Use Priceline Coupons and Enjoy Your First Luau

Priceline Promo Codes For Your Hawaii Trip:

Ever wanted to visit Hawaii? There’s a limited-time promo code here: It’ll help you save on your booking to Hawaii. You can find more details on There are also lots of cool travel deals here to help you enjoy your first luau on

What is a Luau? A Brief History of Hawaii’s Most Famous Celebration

Celebrations consisting of great feasts date back to

How Coupon Codes Improve Your Life and Easy Credit Cards Destroy It.

Using Coupon Codes For Amazon Are Just…The Smart Thing To Do.

coupon code

When most people think of couponing or using a coupon code to save money on their purchases with being strapped for cash. People with big families, fixed incomes or the recently employed are the sub-groups of people that come to mind. Well, what if we told you that the use of a coupon code can be a valuable tool that every person should have, …